What Is PrimoSense?

PrimoSense is a blog written and maintained by Feeza. Feeza is the founder/owner of PrimoChic.com; Malaysia Online Shopping Store For Branded & Original bags, wallets, accessories, perfumes and more. Graduated from one of universities in Japan and holding engineering degree. However she chose to give up her previous job as an engineer in Japanese company to continue her passion in fashion and sharing it with all chic ladies.

She can write, read and speak in Malay, English and Japanese. Sometimes she writes in English, Malay and/or Japanese language to ensure her message can get through to targeted audiences. Feeza is an extremely lucky woman to have a beloved husband to support her in business and life. They always exchange insights and guiding each other because they believe that’s one of the reasons they met in this lifetime.

Her favorite quotation is ‘Everything Is Possible’. In this blog, Feeza wants to express her 8.8 cents from her observations and experiences with the rest of the world. Everyone is welcome to share opinions and views with Feeza.

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