Weird Menu but Delicious(or not?)

One of various cool things about Japan is they always come up with ‘crazy’ and innovative ideas. That makes Japan very unique in their own ways and sooo ‘authentic’.. 🙂 Japan’s fast food chains also come up with unique(or I could say ‘weird’) menu to feed your hungry stomach. Would you dare to give a try?


1. Tower Cheese Burger by Lotteria

Lotteria Tower Cheese Burger
Lotteria Tower Cheese Burger: selling at 2, 5 and 10 layers of beef+cheese

This menu maybe is ‘not very weird’ but I am wondering if you can finish 10 layers of beef+cheese burger alone. My stomach is full when eating ‘normal size’ burger. So, I cannot imagine to finish 5 layers or 10 layers Tower Burger at once. I might take hours to finish it alone. 😀

Note: Lotteria has delicious Ebi(shrimp) Burger and I used to eat it when I was in Japan. You should give a try when you visit Japan or Korea.


2. Mini SPAM Burger by Burger King

Spam Burger by Burger King
Mini Spam Burger by Burger King especially for women

If you think SPAM is belong to spam email only, you are wrong. Burger King comes with SPAM burger menu recently to fulfill women’ needs. I would say this is a ‘smart approach’ because some women feel ‘guilty’ to eat high calories foods like burger. When women eat this Mini Spam Burger, they can ‘forgive’ themselves easily. hehe.. I don’t know how ‘mini’ this Spam Burger is, but it is a ‘good thing’ when we can enjoy burger without feeling ‘guilty’,..


3. Kimchi Shake from Lotteria

Kimchu Shake by Lotteria
Kimchi Shake by Lotteria: delicious or not?

I am not sure if I want to try this shake or not.  To me, kimchi has ‘strong flavor’ from chilli powder and vinegar. Some kimchi is salty too. Imagine a spicy, salty in sweet drinks. Hmm I hope my stomach don’t get upset ifff I take this Kimchi Shake. hehe.. I heard more than 100 people lined up at one of Lotteria branches to try this shake. Sure this is a ‘good marketing idea’ from Lotteria.


4. Nan-Tacos & Nan-Hotdog from Mos Burger

nan menu from Mos burger japan
Nan-Tacos(left) and Nan Black Curry(right) from Mos Burger Japan

I don’t know whether Indian restaurants in Malaysia sell nan bread. I used to eat nan bread when I was in Japan. Most of Indian restaurants in Japan have nan bread in their menus and eating with their spicy curry. Very delicious, indeed. Nan-Tacos seems yummy to me and I would give a try. Dark curry with hotdog on top of nan bread seems ‘ok’ and it is ‘not that weird’ menu. Not only that, the price is ‘affordable’ and I am sure this menu is worth to try. 😉

Note: we can buy instant nan bread at supermarket in Japan, just like instant roti canai in Malaysia. it is delicious when eating in hot.


From menu above, which menu do you want to try the most? I would vote to No 4, No 2, No 1 and No 3 as last menu to order. Have you came across with ‘crazy menu’? Let’s share with us.



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